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Michigan's #1 Cannabis Brand

Infused with our award-winning THC oil, our cannabis cartridges and edibles invite you to explore a wonderful tasty and effective variety of terpene-inspired flavors. 

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Reach The Canna Clouds

A sweet treat that promises relaxation like no other. 200mg THC + 50mg CBN per bag. We took our top-selling THC gummy recipe and enhanced it with CBN in a 4:1 ratio to aid you in getting the rest you deserve. CBN is a cannabinoid that has been found to help with insomnia, and even treating inflammatory diseases. Available in four different flavors, come and experience the reason we put Patients over Profits.

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Pure, Potent, Sour

We enhanced our most popular selling gummy recipe with sour sugar. These gummies are the perfect sweet treat, and will leave your mouth watering for more. Infused with the highest quality THC oil and delicious ingredients, these gummies bring the flavor and the feeling.

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A High That Wont
Be Tamed

Saddle up for our Stallion Pre-Roll. Every pre-roll has an “executive” glass filter-tip to ensure a more comfortable, cleaner hit. Made with 1.5 grams of the finest no-shake flower, grown indoors in small batches. Each joint contains 20-30% THC on average, which entails a high you’ll never forget. This joint will make you feel like a boss, and smoke like one too.

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The Ultimate Cannabis Experience

Made from high-quality strains, MKX Moon Rocks offer a rich concentrate and provides a unique experience. With smooth, flavorful smoke, our Moon Rocks deliver a stellar punch of purity and potency

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Nano THC Infused Chocolate Bites

Come and grab a quick bite to eat with our new Fast Acting Chocolate Nano Bites. The perfect bite for the stoner who wants an immediate feeling of euphoria. Made with NaNoBlitz nanotechnology, a production method that makes you feel effects three times faster. Our nano-tech lets users experience a blissful high in 5-15 minutes on average. With two 50-milligram chocolates in each package, our product guarantees an exquisite feeling without having to watch the clock tick. When compared to a full-size chocolate bar, you get the same feeling while consuming only a fraction of the calories & sugar. Our 10 delicious flavors make it impossible to say no, after all, it’s just one bite!

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Premium, Indoor Grown

If you’re looking for the best flower, MKX has it. Our new Pre Packaged Flower showcases our company's motto which is "Patients Over Profits". We partnered with some of the highest-rated growers in Michigan to breed our own special and unique MKX strains. Our bud is premium and indoor grown to deliver you an exquisite cannabis experience. Containing 20-30% THC on average and amazing terpenes in every strain. Pre-packaging our flower ensures a cleaner, and more sustainable way to keep your bud fresh. We invite you to a clean, and top-shelf indulgence.

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Purity & Potency in Every Puff

Blaze up a premium cannabis experience with our new Bubble Hash Infused Pre-Rolls made with solventless, full-melt bubble hash. Every MKX Infused Pre-Roll has 75% exotic flower and 25% bubble hash - the perfect ratio to add a punch to your high without causing your joint to clog.


Take Your Snack Break To A Higher Level

A salty high that will complement your cravings. Enjoy our Cheeseballs and popcorn in a way like you’ve never had before! Fast acting, nano technology to give your high that extra spice!

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Your Endless
Summer High

From your favorite Tropix line, comes a new way to experience paradise in your pocket. Our Tropix Pens are made in a convenient way for your to enjoy that summer high all year round.

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White truffle
Strawberry Fruz
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A New Age Of Purity and Potency

MKX has teamed up with Pressure Pack, KAI, Happy  Little Trees and North Coast to produce a line of single source, fast acting live hash rosin gummies. This process begins with the unique exotic cannabis strains handpicked and grown by one of Michigan’s top cultivators, Pressure Pack.


Purity and Potency In Your Pocket

Our disposable live rosin pens are a premium cannabis experience in a convenient form factor. Top quality, fresh frozen cannabis
flower is extracted using nothing but ice and water. This extract is then pressed resulting in a high terpene, full spectrum rosin that tastes and feels like the strain it was derived from. Filled in a rechargeable and disposable vape, it is the closest thing to dabbing top quality rosin on the go.

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Now Available

MyHi is a premium, water-soluble THC powder delivered in a convenient Stir STIK that elevates any beverage.Our new discreet products allows you to create craft cocktails with a THC Infusion.

Best Marijuana Cartridge of 2021

Best Marijuana Cartridge of 2021

Award-Winning Oil for all of our products.

The #1 selling vape cartridge on the market, MKX Carts deliver an activated, award-winning THC oil with the highest THC level possible and sensational flavor. Our strain library is constantly adapting to introduce exciting new terpenes and flavors.


Michigan's only Cannabis toothpick.

MKX infused Toothpicks are the newest and most effective sublingual delivery device, delivering up to 100% of active ingredients. With Zero Calories and Zero Sugars, this is the new high that you don’t have to count.


Which Nuts?
These nuts.

Introducing XNuts by MKX, a protein-packed cinnamon-roasted product available in pecans, cashews, and almonds. XNuts are Gluten and Vegan friendly. Each nut is approximately 5mg, allowing for a pick-your-own-adventure type of edible experience.


Fast Acting, Stronger Cannabis Gummies.

Our TropiX Fast Acting gummies are perfectly infused with 1/200MG of award-winning MKX Oil! TropiX Gummies use nano-technologies for a faster and stronger effect.


The kind of chocolate hangover you need.

Searching for a sweet treat that packs a punch? Our chocolate edibles are the perfect mix of cocoa and THC, infused with our award-winning oil. Chocolates are available in 100 or 200mg packs.

Who says you need a rocket to go to space?

The #1 selling vape cartridge on the market, MKX Carts deliver an activated, award-winning THC oil with the highest THC level possible and sensational flavor. Our strain library is constantly adapting to introduce exciting new terpenes and flavors.


Solvent Free.
Just All Natural.

Introducing MKX Concentrates, a new line up of Sugar Wax, Butter,  Badder, RSO, and Dab Darts. Our THC concentrates are made from our award-winning cannabis oil that is found in all of our products.

The smarter way to enjoy cannabis.

K-Fire was one of the first smart battery pod systems in the cannabis market. Our award-winning oil is now available in the smartest vape delivery pod system.

  • Haptic Feedback

  • Buttonless Inhale

  • Rechargeable


Your day just got better.

Find MKX at your nearest dispensary.


Join the leading cannabis brand 

Current Positions Include:

  • Finance

  • Sales

  • Brand Ambassador

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