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MKX has teamed up with KAI and North Coast Extracts to produce a line of single-source, fast-acting live hash rosin gummies. This process begins with the unique exotic cannabis strains handpicked and grown by one of Michigan’s top cultivators, KAI. This flower is then frozen and processed into hash rosin using nothing but ice, water, and pressure by North Coast Extracts. This live hash rosin is then nano-emulsified and infused into edibles by MKX. The nano-emulsion process increases bioavailability and reduces the time it takes for effects to kick in. Combine this with the strain-specific effects of the full spectrum rosin and you have a truly unique edible cannabis experience anyone can appreciate. Trace the source by viewing the test results below for the hash rosin in these gummies.

Black Cherry Punch
Super Boof
White truffle
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